7 Reasons Why The U.S. Should Be On Your Bucketlist

Two bucketlist items completed that day: visit the Grand Canyon AND ride on a helicopter!

Whether you live inside it, in its vicinity or nowhere near it, traveling around the U.S. offers a world of possibilities, without much crossing of national borders. Same if you’re a city-dweller or a lover of the simple life, there is little doubt that one of the 50 states will have something to offer you!

Some of the world’s most famous landmarks
I’ve never been of the opinion that the more famous the place, the more enjoyable the trip, but as part of a grander experience, getting to cross the Golden Gate Bridge doesn’t hurt. For those of us who didn’t grow up near it (in my case, 5270 miles, or 8482 kms!) seeing the Statue of Liberty for the first time feels, well, monumental. The Hollywood sign, the Empire State, the Space Needle, the Washington Monument… the list goes on and on, and once you see them you’ll really understand why movie makers don’t get tired of showing them.

A myriad of cuisines
American food gets a terrible rap (probably for good reason) but, not too far below the surface, some of the most eclectic, interesting and delicious foods can be found in the States. Fast food mega-chains have permeated much of the world at this point, and while most of us wouldn’t dream of eating at the famous fried chicken franchise that has popped up in front of Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia, it seems somewhat natural to do so when in the U.S. Break with the stereotype, walk past the chains and try some local dishes instead – they don’t even need to be healthy! Whether it’s jambalaya in New Orleans, clam chowder in New England, deep-dish pizza in Chicago or authentic barbecue in the South, you won’t be sorry you skipped the super-sized combo.

Enough natural beauty to make Switzerland jealous
Some American natural spots, such as the Grand Canyon, truly deserve to be bucketlist items in their own right. When planning a trip to the U.S., a metropolis probably comes to mind before a stunning forest, but the truth is the States have plenty both. There aren’t many countries out there that have deserts and glaciers, forests and plains, beaches and waterfalls, deep canyons and formidable mountains. If you’re over the city hustle, step into Yellowstone National Park or take a weekend trip to Big Bend and you will not believe you’re still in the same country.

People worth meeting
It is time for this resilient stereotype to be put to sleep already: Americans are not a bunch of ignorant jerks with a superiority complex, and nobody is better off for assuming they are. Now, don’t get me wrong – you can definitely find such people! But unless you spend your days at *ahem* certain political conventions, or the DPS, the rude brats who can’t point to Mexico on a map will be mostly lost in a sea of polite and engaging people who genuinely care to know the story that brought you there.

Too much art to experience in a lifetime
Even just within New York City, a week-long trip of doing nothing but visiting art museums will not bring you anywhere near a comprehensive checklist of all the ones available. Quality theater and cinema of all genres abound in most mid-to-large size cities, and the outstanding music scenes of Nashville, Austin, Kansas City, LA and Memphis are just the tip of the iceberg. The US’s major contributions to the art world may get obfuscated by some of the nonsense that seems to catch on faster than other types of entertainment but, make no mistake: Artistic expression in the United States is alive and well.

World-class road trips
Well, who doesn’t like road trips? They are the pinnacle of excitement, and there are few places that do them justice like the US does. The roads are generally well-kept and less littered with tolls than in other places, plus the American car-centric culture, although guilty of many wrongs in other aspects, ensures proper access to amenities, goods and services throughout your trip in the form of rest stops, gas stations, hotels and food venues aplenty. domain name owners As for the looking out the window part, I need not say much; the stunning scenery surrounding highways such as the Pacific Coast, the Great Northern and the Overseas – to name a few – really speaks for itself.

More diversity than you’re expecting
Many of the items mentioned on this list exist, or at least are made noteworthy by, the incredible diversity of the United States. A country of immigrants, regardless of who likes it or not, the US can count on its plurality of cultures to continue giving its food, art, music, people and even landscape a unique flavor which is to be found exclusively in the melting pots of the world.

So, now you know! Go add “Traveling the USA” to your bucketlist on MyLifeBucket and don’t forget to do your part and let the world know about what you find over there.

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