7 Things to-do While You Are Still a Teenager

Bucket List

If you are a teenager then you might be super busy all with attending school, managing back to back classes, socializing, planning your future, giving time to your family and to top it all, taking out time to do what you love.

But no matter how busy you are here are a few ideas to add to your Bucket List to enjoy your teenage years as this time is not going to come back.

  1. Explore your hometown

If you are going out of town to attend college then chances are you are not coming back to live where you grew up. Now’s the perfect time to be a tourist in your own city. Visit the museums, theatres, monuments, cobbled streets, vintage cafes and if you live in a small town then visit local farmer’s market or finish the hiking trail you always wanted to go on. Adventure can be found at places you never thought possible.

  1. Learn to cook

Making scrambled eggs or pouring milk over cereal is not what we are talking about. At least learn the basics of cooking so even if you are away from family and wish to enjoy a home-cooked meal you wouldn’t starve for it.

  1. Learn to drive

Driving gives you a sense of freedom. Public transportation is a great way to travel around but driving a car gives you freedom and responsibility and also it’ll be a little harder to learn when you grow much older. Find a driver’s program and enroll in it but don’t start driving until you get your driver’s license.

  1. Earn money

Start with small jobs like waiting tables or attending customers at stores or intern at your parent’s company or babysit. Any kind of work experience is good as it will teach you early in life that making money is not that easy.

  1. Find a younger student to mentor

Have you ever had an older friend and bragged about it. Pay if forward by making a younger friend and may be mentoring them. It will not only benefit the younger guy but you too could learn so much about yourself and develop leadership skills.

  1. Makeover

Before you embark on the new college journey, transform your look completely. Get a style makeover with a haircut or new hair colour or a wardrobe change, something that adds to your confidence.

  1. Befriend your teacher

Your favourite teacher can be your friend, philosopher and guide. This relationship can last for a lifetime.

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