Crazy Ideas For Your Fun Bucket List

Bucket List

There’s no set rule that your Bucket List has to be filled with serious stuff, it could be anything that you wish to achieve and a fun bucket list might leave you with more memories than any other kind.

We’re getting older day-by-day and no matter how hard we try we aren’t getting any younger. Fortunately, there are things that we can do to keep us young at heart forever and a funny bucket list can top the getting younger list.

Beware; this list might hurt a few sentiments or two.

  • Texting Antics

“I hid the body” or “I know what you did”, how would you feel when you get a text like this? Yeah, it might throw you off balance and this is what you can do to someone. Just make sure you don’t use your mobile number for it.

  • God’s Messenger

Whenever speaking to someone end your sentence with “according to the prophecy” and see the reaction unfold.

  • Solo Audience

This one requires loads of money but the outcome would be totally worth it. Buy tickets to a concert and buy them all and wait for the band to come out and see a solo member in the audience.

  • Hire a Detective

Hire one, no actually two detectives and then make sure they are following each other. Videotape the entire journey if possible for later laughs.

  • Parrot Talks

Buy a parrot and teach it to say “Help! S/he turned me into a parrot”. Take it along everywhere and enjoy.

  • Message from the Future

Send out a message in a bottle written in a futuristic way telling about a recent incident that took place and then predicts something.

  • Fruit Talks

Go to a crowded supermarket and pick up your favourite fruit and start talking to it. Make sure there are people around to hear you.

  • Paparazzi

Hire a few photographers or ask your friends to follow you around as paparazzi for an entire day. Dress like a celebrity and visit crowded places for crazy reactions.

  • Follow that Car

Want to go on an adventure? Jump into a taxi and shout pointing at the car in front of you, “Follow that car”. Either the taxi driver would freak out or start following.

  • Crazy Drink

Fill a clean bottle of Washing liquid with energy drink and walk around the town spraying it into your mouth.

  • Go Back

Spend an entire day walking backwards, go to places where people know you and enjoy their reactions.

  • Demon Calling

Go to the crowded place and start yelling in a demonic voice, “I must find a more suitable host for my body”.


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