List of 30 things to do before you turn 30

Before 30 Ideas

Now that you are fast approaching your thirties one thing’s for sure, life must have taught you a few lessons, some good and some not so good. You might now understand what makes you tick and what pisses you off, what excites you, what scares you and what challenges you.

What holds importance today would not after a couple of years so it’s time you tick all those things off your list. Challenge yourself now to make memories for years to come. Here are thirty things you can add to your life bucket and mind you, tick them off before you turn thirty.

  1. Get a pet
  2. Sew something that you can actually wear
  3. Learn to speak a foreign language
  4. Get published in a magazine or newspaper
  5. Run a marathon or half
  6. Volunteer atleast 100 hours in a year
  7. Grow something you can eat or cook
  8. Let people know how much they mean to you
  9. Turn those hundreds of pics on your mobile phone in to something more than just data files
  10. Watch all seasons of Game of Thrones
  11. Create art. It can be pottery or painting or calligraphy
  12. Have a gorgeous wedding or plan one for a close friend
  13. Learn how to cook and throw an elaborate dinner party for all your loved ones
  14. Make exercise a part of your life
  15. Let go of negativity, comparison, people who put you down
  16. Learn to say no without explaining yourself
  17. Learn work-life balance
  18. Spend time with family friends who live far away
  19. Wear sunscreen everyday
  20. Cover atleast three of the seven continents
  21. Connect to your roots. Visit your birthplace more often if you currently don’t live there
  22. Adopt an animal or two
  23. Skydive
  24. Scuba jump
  25. Try and figure out your relationship with God, religion and faith
  26. Set a routine for yourself and take breaks to keep it fun
  27. Shoot other people more than yourself (duh picture, what were you thinking?)
  28. Less time on gadgets and more with friends and family
  29. Read all the books of your favorite author
  30. Celebrate your thirtieth birthday with a bang. You are not turning thirty years old but thirty years young. Start this new decade with no complaints and loads of fun.

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