5 alternative bucket list goals to achieve before you say your last goodbye


The clock is ticking for all of us and even if we try to ignore this inconvenience truth the truth is that in the end, we will only regret the chances we didn’t take in life. We might think that we have immense time to live but are we truly living our life?

What is truly living, you ask? We all have been given this life for a higher purpose and not many of us get even close to thinking about it and this post here is also not about it, but what it is about is doing something that adds meaning to your life and here’s how you can do it.

  • Do something that you thought you couldn’t possibly do or better what others thought you couldn’t achieve

Now, what could it be that you thought you couldn’t do, maybe leave the security of your job to pursue your dream or undertake a physical challenge or forget something that’s been haunting you for years and move on peacefully with your life.

It takes only one strong step to challenge your limitation but once you do it, you will cherish it for a lifetime.

  • Gain financial freedom

How does one gain their financial freedom? By working towards it! Work in a field that you enjoy so it gives you both, money and pleasure. And, if you already have some money on you then you can invest it in some secure field so you are sorted for good.

There’s also another route to financial freedom and this one’s pretty simple. Change the way you prioritize money and keep a tab on your spending habits.

  • Chronicle a year of your life

This one is only for self-reflection so you know how much you have grown as a person since the past year. A year is a long enough time to assess what you have gained or lost in any sense. Keep a journal where you record the journey of your life and it will only be possible if you record the entries at least once a week.

  • Spend a year of your life working 20 hours a week

Almost everyone wishes to pursue things that are close to their heart but aren’t able to do it due to work pressure. Cut down your working time and take time out for yourself to enjoy whatever is it that you like. Live your life the way you wish to.

  • Tell your loved ones you care

You might think this is an easy one but not for all. As human beings, we do tend to take many things for granted including the people we love. Make it a point to show your feelings, tell your near and dear ones how much you feel for them and how important they are in your life.

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