9 things to add to your professional bucket list


You know how a traditional bucket list works, right? It is basically to be achieved before you say goodbye to your life. Take a cue from traditional bucket list and make your work bucket list to achieve certain specific career goals.

Creating a professional bucket list and acting on it at the right time can help you grow not only financially but let you explore new horizons. Here are nine things working professionals should consider adding to their bucket list

  • Set some goals

If you have just started off and there’s not much to list on your resume then it’s time you set some professional goals that would not only lend some weight age to your resume but also give you some professional working experience.

  • Speak at your college alma mater

Set-up a meet with some college students and share your personal experience with them. Tell them how difficult or easy it is to follow your dreams and more.

  • Be a mentor

You know you are in a position to help a junior when you have come out or faced situations they are dealing with right now in their life. Help a younger person with career advice; share your first job experience or how to crack an interview.

  • Conduct an interview

Find someone who is eyeing a job you are looking for or someone who is actually doing something that you wish to get into. This will teach you how to ask the right questions and also what answers an interviewer might be looking for. Also, you will learn about the skills and personality an interviewer would be looking for that particular job position.

  • Ask for a raise

It will be early in your career that you would be clocking in more hours and working hard to set a name for yourself. So why not ask for a raise when you know you are worth it.

  • Lead a meeting

Take the initiative to lead a meeting as it will allow you to add agendas or lead the discussion.

  • Introduce yourself to the CEO of your company

You know your CEO but does your CEO knows who you are? Get to know the person who leads your company as it will give you a chance to make an impression and also a chance for you to be appreciated.

  • Apply for an award

There are too many events happening for working professionals that recognize good work. Show-off your skills and if you land an award just imagine how would it look on your resume and also your colleagues would see you as an expert.

  • Take a break

Take a vacation to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Taking a break for yourself is very important to get back to the work mode with full vigor.

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